ReCreations by Lisa

Hi there! My name is Lisa and I make things out of other things.

I have a shop on Etsy called LisaRecreations.

Listed are my best Button Rings, Stuffed Nut Necklaces, Bullet Casing Jewelry, and sometimes, replica Ressikan flutes from "The Inner Light" episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

All of the jewelry is hand-created by me, Lisa. Most of the materials I use are recycled, re-used, or found objects. My button rings contain buttons (old) and wire (new). The only thing on my Stuffed Nut jewelry that is NOT re-used is the wire that holds the pendant and its dangly bits together. Even the necklace chains in my listings are recycled, upcycled, and even rebuilt sometimes.

When I do a xmas market or street fair, I usually post that on my faceybook page, ReCreationsByLisa. If you find me, you will also find that my wares are less expensive in person! If you do catch me wandering about in the real world, I will also sell my jewelry right off my body. Who wants warm, Lisa-tested jewelry? Perhaps you! Contact me through these various forms of social media, or email me at

Thanks for reading!

Now go re-use something.

Love, Lisa.

Portland, Oregon

p.s. there's also a BLOG!

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