Lincoln City,Oregon Coast

After the pub (we left Lama in the car for that) we drove less than a mile to the nearest public access beach. We saw a dog, that i first thought was someone's dog, then appeared to be no one's dog, and then he ran away. he knew I would put him in my car hah hah. Turns out so much later we saw a guy drinking at a bonfire that finally realized his dog was lost and then found him. Anyways... watch your dogs, idiots!

We took our dog, leashed, down to the beach. it was very clear she ain't never seen no ocean before. She chased sea foam, smelled so many things, and then..ran away. See slideshow below!

All Around Oregon and Washington

The husband and I needed a stamp from the Lighthouse Pub for our Mcmenamin's Passports, so we took a road trip! We loaded to doggo, some water, and gassed up the car for our four hour round trip, with a break in the middle.

The drive from portland was nice, not too boring, plenty of rednecky things to look at inbetween cute towns and plenty of trees. the dog was bored (as always) on the ride, but was quite stoked to arrive at our destination, where I believe she had never seen or smelled the ocean before.

  We stopped at the Lighthouse Pub first. The place was large, with the second story able to look out towards the ocean. As I am very cranky when it comes to stairs, we stayed on the bottom floor to eat. As our stamps prize from our passports we got a free bowl of clam chowder and a free crab fondue pretzels appetizer thing. We also ordered steamed clams in a buttery sauce. We were so hungry I forgot to take "before" pics of our food!