This is my retired racing greyhound Flying Lama. That was her "racing" name so we kept it. I say "racing" because she never really raced. You don't tell Lama when to run!

She runs when she feels like it!

See my pooch's pedigree HERE!

  The husband and I visited the 2017 Crab, Seafood, and Wine Festival, which last year i believe didn't have the word "wine" in the title, but definitely should have! We traveled in caravan style with our best muchachos, Jenny & Erick, and all of our doggies.

   Located in lovely Astoria, Oregon, the Festival was a great way to drink and eat your way thru the day. We stayed at the Atomic Motel, and the Festival provided shuttle service to and from our hotels. We only went one day, but talked to other people who were going all of the days. One day was just fine for us!

  If you want to eat a lot and drink a lot of wine and spirits, take a look at their website HERE.

  We also walked around Astoria to see what there was to see. There's a big ol' bridge that we walked under, and there was a stone memorial for fallen fisherman. Not sure if it meant they were lost at sea, or just died, but it was neat. We walked our doggies all the way up and down the coastline of the city. There's also a sweet trolley that takes you back and forth, but we didn't partake, we just waved.

​  We stopped at Fort George Brewery, and they gave us a nice tour of their brewing stuff. See the iron pig pictured below? It's a water tank. Jazzy. Good food!

  We visited Pilot House Distilling, where we sampled many fine liquors. I met a lovely couple, and we began to discuss our dogs. They found out that I have a retired racing greyhound, and they had their greyhounds in the car, so they went and grabbed up. Then there was booze AND doggos. perfect! Good spirits, very friendly liquor-tender.


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